CBD Crystaline Isolate 99.7%

CBD Crystaline Isolate 99.7%

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Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) Crystalline Isolate (99.4% Pure)


 Our unadulterated CBD distillate is gotten from Non-GMO, Organic European makers. Cannabidiol is 100% legitimate in every one of the 50 US States! CBD causes no psychoactive impacts as there is just 0.3% or less THC/gram (THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid of the Cannabis plant). Our immaculate CBD is water-dissolvable and can be added to fluids, creams and even e-fluid! 

For some CBD has supported in sentiments of unwinding, alleviating of joint torment, help to skin disturbances when connected topically, helping digestive capacities and a great deal more! CBD powder gems are straight from our European cultivators to our California stockroom!

*these proclamations have not been affirmed by the FDA.....yet

Net Wt. 0.25 GRAM= 250MG CBD

Net Wt.:1 Gram=1000MG CBD

Net Wt: 5 Gram= 5000MG CBD

Gotten from modern hemp.

Headings: Use with apparatus, vaporizer, or as a consumable.

Shading: WHITE/CLEAR ( 97% PURE is PICTURED because of FDA principles)

Consistency: POWDER