CANNA CBD Crumble 250mg highly concentrated

CBD Dab Crumble

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A high-concentrated CBD Crumble containing around 200mg CBD.

Canna's concentrated Crumble is the first CBD Crumble available and has a brilliant shading with a drier consistency than the CBD wax. The item has a radiant taste and is injected with terpenes and supplements. This CBD Crumble is exceptionally powerful so we prescribe beginning with a minor touch to begin. Our concentrates are produced using CO2 extricated hemp oil and contain 200 mg of CBD per gram for most extreme impact. Supplement and terpene-rich, once you attempt our CBD Crumble, you may have an "amazing" minute in which you all of a sudden see or comprehend something in another or clear way. 

Bundle incorporates 1g Dabable/Vapable/Edible CBD Crumble.

*These proclamations and this item have not been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration. This item is not planned to analyze, treat, cure or keep any illness. Continuously counsel with your medicinal services supplier before taking any wholesome supplement.

First Official CBD Crumble Concentrate on the Market.

Rich Nutrients, Rich Terpenes

Serving Size: 1 Gram

Potency: 250 MG Total Cannabinoids