Canna Pet Reviews

CBD for Dogs is a unique dietary supplement designed to support the health of your pet and promote the wellness of dogs and cats in general. It’s made from industrial hemp oil and is naturally rich in CBD, a substance known for a multitude of medical benefits including offering relief from stress, anxiety and pain. If your pet is easily excited or scared by their environment or there are triggers that just freak them out, then the Canna 4 Pets will relax and give them control over their life once more!

Each CBD for Dogs 1 /2 oz bottle packs 100 mgs of CBD that will ease any pet’s anxiety and shower them in a multitude of medicinal benefits. The supplement boasts a natural flavor that’s tasty to any pet and is refined from legal, non-GMO and non-psychoactive hemp, making it completely devoid of side effects and psychoactive properties.


Cannabis has been used safely and effectively as an all-natural remedy for thousands of years. Nowadays it has been proven to have a number of health benefits including reducing inflammation, stress and anxiety in humans. In animals, CANNA4PETS has been linked with prolonged lifespan, reduced anxiety and an overall improvement in the life of your pet. It’s also believed to help with a number of aggression disorders, noise phobias, canine dementia, the urge to spray and mark (for felines) and a number of other problems that often plague our pets.

CANNA CBD oils used in CBD for Dogs is crafted in the USA from legally imported industrial hemp that has been cultivated organically in Europe. The end product is safe and powerfully beneficial, and it comes highly recommended by hundreds of the nation’s top veterinarian doctors who have found out that cannabidiol can really improve the lives of dogs and cats in ways that no other natural supplement can.

Medical Marijuana for Pets?

CANNA wants to share this video about also using cannabis/cbd for treating from fleas to chronic pain, this video from "The Big Picture" Youtube channel explains more about Canna 4 Pets.

Dog Using Cannabis(CBD) for Pain