Uses of CBD

CBD and it's medical applications and usesAs we discussed on What is CBD?  Cannabidiol has proven to have a lot of potential in medical applications, CBD will help you feel better, maintain general wellness and keep you in balance.

Humans are affected by anxiety and depression in different ways. These two pathologies can interfere in living a normal dignified life. They can affect your social life, your performance and productivity levels at work and they can also represent a high risk to living a healthy life. Using CBD as antidepressant or anti-axienty is very effective. It also shows promise in as anti-apileptic and antipsychotic.

With CBD you can stop smoking cigarettes since it reduces the craving for nicotine. For this kind of users CBD can be vaped with excellent almost immediate effects. It can also help you in fighting the fear of public speaking, calming the nerves and relaxing the shoulders.

If you suffer from low self esteem, worry too much or show signs of depression, CBD will make wonders for you. With its natural antipsychotic effects, it will help those that suffer from post-traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorders a even schizophrenia. 

CBD is also a great alternative to sleeping pills and other less effective remedies against insomnia. With its relaxing and calming effects, CBD gives your body just what it need to help heal your restless nights.

One of the main reason people seek medical marijuana is to lower chronic pain and other pain related problems. Studies have found CBD to be the one to aid with its anti-inflamatory properties it can effectively reduce pain and tranquilize the nerves. Helps with fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and other pain related symptoms.

CBD will help you with bowel diseases by reducing intestine inflamation and contractions causing problem like Crohn's disease. Other known uses for CBD in health and wellness include fixing acne problems with its anti-sebaceous properties; helps with preventing diabetes and regulates sugar in the blood; prevents muscle spams and seizures helping those with epilepsy, crons disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. 

How to use CBD?

There are two main ways to consume CBD. One is vaping and the other is oral. With products ranging from drops, sprays and pills to oils and vape juices CBD has multiple ways of being consumed.

Drops: This method will be the most effective for people that don't like vaping and want fast results. Just a few drops of CBD Tincture under the tongue and you will be feeling the effects in under 30 minutes.

Spray: Much like the drops, CBD spray will show effects in about 30 minutes. Usually one push on the cap will give you a full dose for the day. Keep under the tongue for faster absorption. 

Pills: One of the most practical ways of ingesting CBD is with pills. One pill a day will give you the daily dose most need to feel the wonders of this cannabinoid.

Topicals: From balms to muscle rub, CBD can be used for external care of the body and skin care.

Eliquid: CBD infused vape juice is now available for the ultimate vaping experience. The True Healty E-Cig, instead of vaping nicotine you will be vaping the wonders of CBD with only minutes to take effect in your body.