What is CBD?


Everything about CBD Oil & Cannabidiol 

When discussing what is CBD Oil, and specific, Cannabidiol (CBD); we have to clarify that we are talking about a chemical compound (Cannabinoid) found in a natural plant called Cannabis Sativa. So what is cannabis sativa you might ask. Cannabis is a flowering plant that has been used for thousands of years for many different purposes. Widely known as the Hemp plant and also more commonly known as Marijuana.

So what is the difference between hemp and marijuana if they are both cannabis?

Drawing showing the different sexes of cannabis plant and the differences of hemp and marijuana
Because both hemp and marijuana come from the same flowering plant cannabis and marijuana is a nickname for cannabis in general, hemp would also be thought as being called marijuana. But there is a substantial difference between both. Just as the human species is divided into males and females, Cannabis is divided into staminate "male" and pistillate "female" flowers.
male and female cannabis plant difference
 Male cannabis flowers occur on separate plants than female flowers and both produce different chemicals called Cannabinoids that when consumed produce various physical and mental effects. Two of the most studied cannabinoids are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). 
thc and cbd molecule structure

Both THC and CBD have wide potential for medical applications.

That is why the term Medical Marijuana has become so popular. Medical marijuana refers to the preparation of the cannabis plant with intentions of treating a disease. It comes in many forms and presentations and is only allowed in certain states of the United States because THC causes you to get high. In contrast Hemp plants contain very low THC, so low that you won't get a high from it but it has the healthy benefits that CBD Oil provide.

The difference stands in that Marijuana refers to the female Cannabis plant's flow
ers that naturally
produce high concentrations of THC and low
concentrations of CBD. In contrast, Hemp refers to the male plant of Cannabis sativa that naturally produce high concentrations of CBD and trace amounts of THC (under 0.3%).

Cannabidiol has been gaining increasing interest in the health industry for treating a wide range of neuropsychiatric disorders. There have been many studies assessing the evidence from clinical, preclinical, epidemiological and human testing that determine CBD as a potential treatment for anxiety related disorders. Existing evidence strongly support Cannabidiol for treating the following: 
CBD benefits
So how do we take advantage of hemp's healing properties? Extracting CBD from Industrial hemp plants by converting them into hemp oil. Once extracted, CBD hemp oil can be infused and mixed to create consumer products like CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, CBD topicals and even CBD e-liquid for the ultimate vaping experience. You can also see how to use some of these products for medical applications.
CBD Oil Extract - Crop of industrial hemp as far as the eye can see