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CANNA Pleasure Stimulated Salve

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On the off chance that fulfillment in the room is the thing that you want, CannaPleasure is the thing that you require. Based on a mix of 50mg hemp CBD oil and hemp oil and finished with a mix of homegrown concentrates, CannaPleasure Cannabis Lubricant is an arousing, all-characteristic oil immaculate to zest up the room.

CannaPleasure mixes 50 mg of hemp CBD oil with hemp seed oil, peppermint oil, ginger root and different herbs to give a cool, shivering sensation on the skin. It offers sweethearts an all-common other option to the manufactured greases found on drugstore racks. CannaPleasure's base is made with almond oil and beeswax.

A little CannaPleasure goes a to a great degree long way, and analyzers report that the ointment keeps going any longer than customary oils. Furthermore, not at all like most greases, CannaPleasure feels alleviating on anyone part and is consequently perfect for sexy back rubs and different types of foreplay. .

From a Customer; 
"Open a CannaPleasure in the room. You'll express gratitude toward us later." 

(Not suggested for use with condoms)

Size: 1.3oz Jar

Hemp CBD content: 50mg