CBD Silver Blend (500-1,500mg CBD)

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Extra potent CBD oil extract and virgin hemp seed oil by Bluebird Botanicals.

This is the most potent CBD tincture in the market. Cannabidiol oil extracted and infused to the goodness of virgin hemp seed oil. With CBD Silver you will be getting high concentrations of CBD into your system. It will help you relief seizures, anxiety, high levels of stress and pain. 

Use and serving size:  Swallowing 15 drops (25mg of CBD) is the recommended dose for most people.

Size: 10ml or 1oz bottle with dropper cap. Contains 500mg to 1,500mg of CBD.

Dose conversion:

1 fluid ounce = 30 milliliter (ml) = 900 drops = 1,500mg cannabidiol (CBD)
1ml = 30 drops
15 drops= 25mg CBD