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CBD Dog Biscuits Treats

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Exceptional treats defined consummately for your closest companion!

Your pup won't have the capacity to oppose three scrumptious bacon-seasoned rolls, and you will feel great realizing that you're giving them a wonderful regard as well as every one of the advantages of CBD also.

One 4oz sack containing 25 treats. Every bread contains 4mg hemp CBD.

Much the same as with our items for our human companions, the majority of our CANNA pet items are made under the strictest of guidelines. Our CBD pooch treats are delivered under the supervision of our pet nutritionist, with just 100% nourishment grade fixings. We source our hemp CBD from non-GMO hemp that is developed without the utilization of herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic composts. You can sit back and relax realizing that you're giving your hairy companion the most elite.

Fixings: entire wheat flour, bacon bouillon, water, egg, hemp CBD. Contains no GMOs.