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We are proud to bring you the only CBD syrup compounded by a LICENSED PHARMACIST on the market. The new CBDREEM® formula brings you an unparalleled relaxing CBD syrup experience.

We offer users an all-natural herbal infused syrup with CBDReem. Formulated with a pharmaceutical grade syrup, Melatonin, and pharmaceutical grade Cannabidiol (CBD). 

Comes in grape and cherry flavor 

60 MG Cannabidiol with Melatonin 

PM Nighttime formula 

Syrup form

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- Compounded by licensed pharmacist

- NO THC / 100% Legal

- Each bottle containing 1000mg CBD

- Suggested Dose : 1/2 Tsp Twice Daily

- Daytime use of CBD for consumers wanting a Higher Dose of CBD

- Not for sale to minors under the age of 18

Ships 7-10 business days from the warehouse.

NO international shipping